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Package Deals:

We outline everything you need to get started and wrap it up at a discount. All of the packages below assume you will be using our preferred hosting on Siteground or Godaddy hosting. We strongly prefer working with WordPress simply because it’s a powerful and adaptive platform that’s very easy for our clients to maintain on their own without having to pay us for minor updates or tweaks.

  • All packages are GENERAL ESTIMATES. Your project must be scoped out in detail to get an accurate cost estimate.
  • Hosting and Domain registration charges are normally billed separately and paid directly to the vendor.

Starter Package: $699*

This is a basic “get you started” package. Because we keep consultation and design time to a bare minimum, we are able to keep the price very low. However, if you need additional consultation or changes, we can arrange that at our standard rate.

Package Includes:

  • 1 customized graphic banner for your site
  • 2-3 pages of content.
  • Your choice of free design templates
  • Simple Contact form to let visitors email you
  • Email accounts
  • WordPress Installation and configuration including: ***
    • Anti-spam features
    • Site Search Functionality
    • Automated weekly backup of content


  • Most economical package
  • Can be further customized and scaled later
  • Gives you an extensible platform for you site that can grow with your business


  • Little time for customization
  • You will be responsible for loading most of the content
  • These sites usually have a generic look
  • Customizing colors/graphics on the template you choose costs extra

Project not to exceed 5 billable hours total, excluding initial consultation.

Professional Package: $999*

Additional design time helps us add a few more features at your request as well as re-branding not just a customized banner graphic but the colors and overall look of the entire website template. This level of customization tells your clients you have a serious online presence.

Package Includes same as above plus these additional features:

  • Up to 10 pages of content
  • Cropping and minor photo tweaking of up to 10 photos distributed throughout your content. (photos/graphics provided by client)
  • Customized color/style matching your company brand
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Integration of social sharing options for Facebook / Twitter, Etc.


  • Models your company branding
  • Site appears customized for your business
  • Package allows for us to load more of your content for you


  • Design/consulting time in this package may limit the availability of some more advanced features

Project not to exceed 8 billable hours total, excluding initial consultation.

Enterprise Package: $1499*

This is truly the best value of all of our website solutions for large scale projects and is primarily used for well-established businesses that already have content ready to be deployed on their site. Perfect for busy professionals such as doctors, lawyers, etc who need a professional web presence, but need us to do as much of the work as possible.

Package Includes:

  • Up to 30 pages of content
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
    • Keyword analysis against up to 3 competitors
    • Advanced training on how to suit your content to the best keywords
  • Cropping and minor photo tweaking of up to 20 photos distributed throughout your content. (photos/graphics provided by client)
  • Google Analytics setup and integration so you can track traffic and metrics


  • Much higher probability of ranking faster and higher in google
  • Package allows for us to load more of your content for you


  • None, this package is perfect for a professional service based business.

Project not to exceed 12 billable hours total, excluding initial consultation.

E-commerce Integration: (custom quote)

Selling goods and services online can be as simple as a basic paypal integration or as complicated as a custom shopping cart that accounts for taxes, customer purchase tracking, affiliate sales and custom shipping logic. Sites that need this functionality must be discussed and analyzed in detail (free consulting) so that we can adequately scope the project and get you accurate cost estimates. The last thing I ever want to do with a customer is hand them a bill they weren’t expecting so we put in the effort up front and practice good communication to make sure that doesn’t happen with complicated projects like e-commerce integration.

* Price does not include hosting charges. Standard hosting charges usually run about $100/year.

** All packages above assume your site will be hosted at Siteground or Godaddy, our preferred hosting affiliate. Hosting elsewhere may incur additional charges.

** WordPress and its affiliates and parent companies have their own licensing agreements, but are traditionally available without charge. Web design services and consulting leverage these third party tools and features. There is no warranty as to the future functionality or sustainability of features for WordPress or 3rd party plugins that support it’s various features. The only guarantee implied as to website functionality is between SGD and it’s clients and is only in effect for 30 days after invoice. Any features or functions of the website that cease to operate as intended after 30 days due to hosting changes, WordPress updates or security issues or 3rd party plugins may require additional work to be billed at the current rate. No guarantee of functionality is maintained after 30 days.

Print & Logo Designs

Satisfaction is always guaranteed with our print design projects, but we have yet to have anyone ask for a refund! We think that speaks volumes about our work. We want to share that same quality to help you promote your business.

  • Logo Designs – $249 – Think about the power behind great logos like Coke, Honda and Disney. Customer recognition is a huge part of marketing and starting a business. We will walk you through customizing a logo unique to your business. *Not to exceed 5 billable hours.
  • Business Card Design – $99 – First Impressions may be everything, but your business card stays around LONG after you’re out of your client’s office. It had better speak volumes about your professionalism and business practices. (does not include logo design charges)
    *Not to exceed 2 billable hours.
  • Flyers – $149 – Flyers are often your foot in the door with a new client. Is that foot something you typed up in Microsoft Word with free clip art or is it a slick and professional representation of the quality work you do?

Ala-Carte Pricing:

Standard hourly rate $99/hr
Custom FLASH development
Google Registration & Meta Tag Customization $99
Customized Banner (non-animated) $99
Animated Flash Banner $299
Photo Gallery Setup standard $99 Hosting & Servers

Payment: Packages under $500 must be paid in full before work begins unless other arrangements are made. Larger projects require a minimum of 70% of the estimated cost up front and the remainder due no later than 30 days of the beginning of the project regardless of completion status in regard to content. Your website may be rendered inactive if payment is delinquent. Our preferred method of payment is paypal. Clients are responsible for all other fees associated with their project if they are not specifically detailed here.


Page of Content: A page of content is defined as the amount of text and graphical information that will fit on an 8 ½ by 11 inch sheet of paper or a separate page on the navigation system on the site.

Design / Consulting Time:

Consulting time is used for basic site setup such as domain registration, hosting account creation and any customization or special features that the client requests such as photo / image tweaking or scanning or changing a section of the site that was previously completed and approved. The more design time your package includes the more freedom you have to request changes and customization without incurring additional costs. Any requests that exceed the design time allotted by the package will be billed at $60/hour. You will be informed when this occurs.